About Emily

Freelance Theatre Director

I am a freelance theatre director currently residing in Normal, IL while I pursue my MFA in directing at Illinois State University.

I am interested in telling stories that center women, particularly topics that don’t tend to be discussed – pregnancy, abortion, motherhood, body image, and mental health.

I am drawn to new plays and musicals with strong female leads who fight back against oppression – whether that means fighting against a loved one, a corporation, or societal expecations. Their struggle inspires us to keep fighting and stand up for ourselves.  

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theatre director


I believe in a collaborative, non-hierarchical theatre space. I listen to everyone involved in the theatre process: the actors, stage managers, designers, and playwright. We make great art together.

I believe theatre can be used to enact social change and I am exploring ways to do that.

I believe in creating a safe rehearsal space by:

  • Making everyone feel welcome
  • Respecting individual boundaries
  • Encouraging questions
  • Addressing harm when it is caused and working to repair the damage
  • Focusing on the process, not the product. This means the people come first.

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