An interactive hybrid production presented by Looking for Lilith Theatre Company

November 12-20, 2021

The MeX Theater at the Kentucky Center in Louisville, KY

About the Show

Common Threads was a series of six different pieces devised by the ensemble of Looking for Lilith. Using prompts about the pandemic, the ensemble members participated in a series of “story circles” where they listened to stories and then devised a “to minute digital response.” After the digital portion was created, they asked directors to create movement pieces to go along with it. I was asked to work on Could’ve, a stop motion animation film that focused on grief and loss during the pandemic. I had never worked on a project like this before. I watched the film over and over again, listening to the stories, but no ideas came to mind. But fortunately I didn’t have to do it alone. Working collaboratively with my actors, Adama and Clare, we were able to piece together the movements that fit with the film. We created a series of tableaus that helped enhance certain moments in the film. We created a truly beautiful piece and I’m so grateful for being a part of it.



Stronger Together (Looking for Lilith)

“At its strongest, Could’ve combines movement work, meaningful phrases in repetition, and interpretation of grief, death, and traditions”

Production Staff

Project Director: Shannon Woolley Allison

Lighting Designer: Martin French

Scenic Designer: Jill Marie Schierbaum

Costume Designer: Hannah Greene

Sound Designer: Laura Ellis

Stage Manager: Ellie Archer

Projections Coordinator: Holly Stone

Board Operator: Vidalia Unwin


Creative Team:

Film Creators: Shannon Woolley Allison and Jill Marie Schierbaum

Film Cast: Mary Baunjoko, Michael Guelda,

Laura Ellis, Morgan Younge

In-person Director: Emily Grimany

In-person Cast: Adama Abramson, Clare Hagan

Audio Producer: Laura Ellis

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