Everlasting Chocolate Therapy

by Steven Hayet

Youtube Live Performances: May 22 and 23, 2021

About the Show

Have you ever wondered what happened to the kids from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Steven Hayet answered that question in Everlasting Chocolate Therapy. The kids are now in their twenties and we get to see what they’re like as adults. Bo (Violet) is still blue. Michael (Mike) became a bookworm, hiding away from the world until he returned to a normal size. Vee (Veruca) realized that her selfishness caused her father to bankrupt his company. Gus (Augustus) became a bodybuilder who gave up eating candy. Chuck (Charlie) is now in charge of the factory but can’t come up with any good candy ideas. And the factory workers (Oompa Loompas) continue to make up situational songs. This was a fun show to work on and it gave me an opportunity to explore using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to enhance a theatre production. While we weren’t able to have all the crazy antics we would have had in a venue, through OBS we were able to create some wacky effects that helped with the overall tone of the show.

Production Staff

Director: Brynne Piesco

Assistant Director: Emily Grimany

Tech Director and Stage Manager: Jessie Dorsey


Chuck: Randy Hunt

Bo: Katie Sinicki

Michael: Nicholas Hipple

Vee: Arielle Mandelberg

Gus: Khari Johnson

Factory Worker 1: Natalia Torellio

Factory Worker 2: Nick Wilbur

Factory Worker 3: Kayleigh Ferrantelli

Factory Worker 4: Bug Johnson

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