Little Miss Sunshine

Book by James Lapine
Music & Lyrics by William Finn
Performances October 21-23, 28-30

About the Show

The Hoover family has seen better days. Richard, the father, is a floundering motivational speaker, Grandpa’s been kicked out of his retirement home and Uncle Frank’s been dumped by his boyfriend. Moody teenager, Dwayne, has taken a vow of silence, and overextended mom, Sheryl, can do little more than slap on a smile. But, when the youngest Hoover… energetic Olive, enters a regional children’s beauty pageant, the family thinks that their luck could change and embarks on a cross-country trek, chasing the coveted title of “Little Miss Sunshine.”


“The play makes great use of space even though the stage appeared to be oblong-shaped and lacking an exit. Blocks are used in place of the iconic Volkswagon van and road trip signs appear throughout the journey. During this road trip, the van is prone to break down which calls for clever staging involving the Hoover family to pantomime pushing while running and jumping into the moving vehicle. It is every bit as silly as it sounds and the blocking provides a great payoff.”

Kate Barry


Company outcast presents Little Miss Sunshine the Musical

Book by James Lapine

Music & Lyrics by William Finn

Based on the film “Little Miss Sunshine” written by Michael Arndt

Originally directed by James Lapine

Production Team

Director: Emily Grimany

Musical Director: Owen Heritage

Stage Manager: Steven Belcher

Lighting Designer: Kota Earnhardt

Board Operator: Bradley Powell


Richard Hoover: Jason Roseberry

Sheryl Hoover: Hannegan Roseberry

Grandpa: Gary Tipton

Olive Hoover: Ivy Kilgore

Dwayne Hoover: Brooks Roseberry

Uncle Frank: Blake Cox

Larry Sugarman/Buddy/Doctor: Jeremy O’Brien

Linda/Miss California/Map Bitch: Marianne Zickuhr

Joshua Rose/Kirby/Worker: Taylor Clemons

Bridget/Mean Girl: Amarielle Barbee

Tracee: Mean Girl: Anna Burnham

D’borah/Mean Girl: Samantha Bell

Chelsea/Mean Girl: Eva Sautter

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