Little Women

Book by Allan Knee, Music by Jason Howland, Lyrics by Mindi Dickstein
Based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott
Performances March 11th-13th 2020 (remaining dates affected by pandemic)

About the Show

The musical Little Women takes the beloved book by Louisa May Alcott and weaves beautiful music into it. As a fan of the book, I was excited to have the opportunity to direct the musical, but unfortunately it was not good timing. Rehearsals were under way when we started hearing about Covid-19, but we just continued with the production, hoping everything would be fine. As we know now, it wasn’t. The show was supposed to run for ten performances, but after our third performance we had to shut down. While the run did not go as planned, I am very grateful for the experience I had working on this show. I had an amazing group of actors and learned so much from the process. I am very grateful we at least got to dazzle audiences for three performances, even though we would have liked to have completed our full run.

Reviews, “Our Finest Dreams (Theatreworks of SO IN)”, 

“Emily Grimany’s choreography matches [Bundy’s design] in being compact yet alive with energy.”

Presented through a special agreement with Music Theatre International (MTI)

Theatreworks of Southern Indiana

Production Staff

Directors: Emily Grimany, William Strauss

Stage Manager: Caleb Kemp

Assistant Stage Manager: Gwen Bowman

Music Director: Cathy Ryan

Choreographer: Emily Grimany

Scenic Design/Technical Director: Chris Bundy

Lighting: Chris Bundy, Caleb Kemp

Costumes Asst: Cathy Ryan

Tickets: Rose Hornung

Marketing: Jason Roseberry

Photography: Paul Schellenberger


JO MARCH: Maren Gosman


AMY MARCH: Reagan Robinson

MEG MARCH: Colleen McGuirk

BETH MARCH: Olivia Manning

MARMEE MARCH: Colette Delaney Mattingly

MR. LAURENCE: Richard Ryan

LAURIE: Jackson Mullins


MR. BROOKE: Trent Everett Byers

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