The Game

by Louise Bryant

A Virtual One-Act

Zoom Performance: April 24, 2021

About the Show

In The Game, Life and Death play for the lives of Youth and the Girl. During the height of the pandemic, when so many lives were hanging in the balance, this seemed like a fitting play to produce. Questions of the cruelty of life and the injustice of death were heavy on all our minds. But while the show is about life and death, it is also about hope. It reminded us that “the blessed healing sun still rises every morning.” And that healing sun really did rise, because eventually a vaccine was created by scientists, “dreamers” who somehow make the impossible possible. And while this show had to be produced over Zoom, live theatre is now back thanks to the life saving vaccine. Science prevails yet again, as Life says in The Game.


Production Staff

Director, Producer, and Post-production: Emily Grimany



Life: Katie Anderson

Death: Jessica Kayrouz Ray

Youth: Neil Brewer

Girl: Rebecca Brewer

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