Theatre: A Love Story

by Caridad Svich

Youtube Live Performances: July 17, 18, and 23, 2021

About the Show

In March 2021, I joined the WTFringe Lab as part of the directing cohort. Led by Rowen Haigh, we learned collaborative directing techniques, ways to respect other artists boundaries, and ways to create an anti-racist rehearsal space. We then put what we learned to practice in the final project, Theatre: A Love Story. The play was divided into ten sections for the ten directors in the cohort. Each section was then streamed on Youtube with audience members jumping from link to link for a virtual promenade experience. I worked on the first section, setting the stage for what the audience would experience. The play looks at our relationship to theatre and money. With theaters shut down and companies reexamining their practices, this was a fitting play to produce.

Production Staff

Director for Part 1: Emily Grimany


Claudia Warga-Dean


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