The Baby Maker

by Brooke Bethel
Performances March 18th-20th & 25th-27th 2022

About the Show

Molly is pregnant and her boyfriend, Andrew, is overjoyed. But when Molly is diagnosed with hyperemesis (severe morning sickness) it becomes clear that Andrew and his parents are more concerned about the baby’s health than her own. And when Andrew starts planning a future for them that is very different from what she had in mind, she worries she is losing her agency as a person and being seen only as a mom.


2022 Arts-Louisville Theatre Awards

Best actress in a play (local) Tory Parker

Best director/play (local)

Best play (local)

Reviews, “Blessings of Being a Woman”,

Blessings Of Being A Woman

“as a director, Grimany does a good job of guiding her actors, especially Parker and Gibson, to find space for weighted glances and sarcastic vocal asides that developed a rapport that rings true.”

Keith Waits

Cast & Production Team

Molly: Tory Parker

Andrew: Wes Yunker

Grace: Ebony Gibson

Janine: Kate Bariteau 

Larry: Gary Tipton

Director: Emily Grimany

Technical Designer: Hannah Greene

Light & Sound Designer: Martin French

Production Stage Manager: Jay Padilla-Hayter

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