The Most Massive Woman Wins

by Madeleine George
Produced by Illinois State University
November 2-4, 2023

About the Show

Part of the MFA Directing Showcase at ISU. The Most Massive Woman Wins is challenging, brutal and hilarious. Four women of various shapes and sizes sitting in the waiting room of a liposuction clinic explore their perceptions of body image. The women reveal their experiences dealing with their weight issues through monologues, short scenes, and even schoolyard rhymes. From painful childhood memories to frustrations with the opposite sex, these experiences both haunt and empower these women as they imagine their way to a new vision of themselves as beautiful and whole.

Director: Emily Grimany


Carly: Emily Beckwith

Cel: Bri Pearlman

Sabine: Alex Young

Rennie: Kenzie Blake

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